Speciallity And Topics

2d Ablation, Carbonization, Chromophores, Er-yag Laser, Spallation Adult Orthodontics, Esthetics, Malocclusion, Periodontal Surgery, Tooth Movement Age Estimation, Cementum, Cemental Annulations, Eruption Age
Antibiotic Prophylaxis Apical Limit, Root Canal Instrumentation, Obturation Autosomal Dominant, Cherubism, Fibro-osseous Lesions Awareness; Orthodontic Treatment; Early Treatment; Survey
Bioactive Cement, Pulp Injury, Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Bioactivity ,bioactive Materials – Endosequence Root Repair Material (errm) ,mta , Biodentine , Bioaggregate ,calcium Enriched Mixture (cem) Biomedical Waste, Attitude, Knowledge, Practice, Undergraduate Students Bop
Buccal Mucosa, Minor Salivary Gland, Pleomorphic Adenoma Calcium Hydroxide Dressing, Endodontic Irrigants Calcium Hydroxide, Saline, Betadine, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Sodium Hypochlorite, Ph Candida Albicans, Apical Periodontitis, Retreatment, Virulence Factors, Edta, Calcium Hydroxide
Chronic Periodontitis, Cytokines Clinical Attachment Loss (cal), Bleeding On Probing (bop), Gingival Index (gi), Plaque Index (pi), Width Of Attached Gingiva (ag Clinical Attachment Loss (cal), Bleeding On Probing (bop), Gingival Index (gi), Plaque Index (pi), Width Of Attached Gingiva (ag). Complete Denture, Phonetics, Speech Analysis
Copd Cpp-acp, Gic Type Ix, Composite Resin, Shear Bond Strength Curriculum/standards, Education, Dental/standards, India, Models, Educational Decortication, Miniplates, Molar Intrusion, Open Bite, Skeletal Anchorage
Dental Care, Patients Satisfaction, Outreach Dental Programs Dental Caries, Clinical, Photographic, Visual, Caries Assessments, Digital Photography Dental Caries, Oral Hygiene, Sickle Cell Anemia, Saliva, Nitric Oxide Dentin Bonding Agents, Composite, Tooth Bleaching, Vitamin C.
Digit Sucking, Mothers Attitude Electronic Apex Locator (propex Pixi), Rvg (kodak), Dental Operating Microscope, Xcp Device Endodontic Treatment, Cohort Energy Dispersive X-ray Element Analysis (edx), Carious Deciduous
Ergonomics, Musculoskeletal Diseases, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Freeze, Thawing, Histology, Oral Tissue, Dead Body Gender, Age, Gingival Width, Probing Depth, Primary Teeth Growth Modulation Therapy, Skeletal Deformity
Hereby Reporting Five Unilateral And Three Bilateral Cases Treated Successfully With Pnam Technique Influence, Parental Attitude, Oral Hygiene, Parental Knowledge Instrument Separation,headstromfiles, Bypassing Separated Instrument Interforaminal Fractures Of Mandible, Miniplates Osteosynthesis, Semirigid Fixation
Knowledge; Attitude; Basic Life Support; Cardiac Arrest Low Birth Weight, Periodontal Disease, Pregnancy, Preterm Labor, Risk Factors Malnutrition, Dental Caries, Salivary Nitric Oxide Manual Agitation Techniques , Machine-assisted Agitation Systems
Maxillofacial Trauma, Rural, Urban Medical Emergencies, Nurses, Dental Office, Management Natal Tooth, Neo-natal Tooth Niti Rotary Files , Cyclic Fatigue, Fracture Resistance , Sem
Open-coil Spring, Reactivation, Space Regain. Pain, Aroma Therapy, Dental Fear, Anxiolytic, Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block Powered-toothbrush, Pain, Vibration Radiation Biology, Radiation Protection Protocols
Research And Publication, Dentistry Retention, Complex, Amalgam, Amalgapin Root Caries, Geriatric Population Sickle Cell, Cleft Lip And Palate, Risk Factor
Smoking, Periodontal Health, Community Periodontal Index Soft Tissue Diode Laser, Canines Sunken Cheeks, Hollow Cheek Plumper, Press Button Attachments Testing Jodrdmims Software Online
Tobacco, Tobacco Cessation, Knowledge, Perceptions, Practice. Abbreviations Tongue Tie, Ankyloglossia, Frenectomy Touch Imprint Cytology, Frozen Section Analysis, Intraoperative Diagnosis,