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A Comparative Evaluation of Single strong plate versus two miniplates in interforaminal mandibular fractures : A Prospective Study
Author : Dakshinkar Prachet
The symphysis of the mandible is the actual midline of the mandible where fusion of both halves occurs by two years of life. Fractures in this region may occur at the “true” symphysis, but may also traverse it; fractures of the mandible from canine to canine have also been termed parasymphysis fractures(1). Wide variance has been reported in the incidence of fractures of anterior mandible i,e 9-57%, with the average incidence of 17% of all mandibular fractures(2).
A Comparison of Serum Lipid Profile Level in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis and Healthy Individuals
Author : Dhalkari Chandulal
Periodontal disease is an infectious disease caused by a small group of predominantly anaerobic gramnegative bacteria present on the tooth surface as biofilm. Lipopolysaccharides and other microbial substances gain access to the gingival tissues, initiate and perpetuate inflammation, resulting in production of high levels of proinflammatory cytokines, which lead to the destruction of the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone
Age Estimation Based on Tooth Cementum Annulations in Primary and Permanent Teeth of Children
Author : Renuka Kohale
Age estimation provides valuable information when the birth date is not available in case of natural calamities or illegal immigrants etc. Dental age is useful for evaluating a child`s growth status and for assessing the ages of subjects in anthropological, forensic and medico-legal situations. Research indicates that cemental annulations may be used more reliably than other morphological or histological traits of human skeleton for age estimation
An in vitro study of the effect of spray disinfectant on the compressive strength of Type III gypsum product
Author : Singh SV
Dentists and the dental auxiliary personnel in a dental clinic and laboratory are exposed to various infectious agents. They may come across to the dental patients who are carriers of Hepatitis B virus and /or the AIDS virus. American Dental Association recommended the use of various protective measures for dentist and the auxiliary personnel as well as to sterilize , disinfect , or discard the dental instruments and devices after each use to minimize the potential cross contamination.[1,2] An indirect source of disease transmission is contaminated dental impressions which can transfer bacteria to dental stone casts.[3] It is necessary to disinfect these dental casts to have an effective infection control in the dental office. [4] The methods to disinfect the dental casts, however can affect the mechanical/physical properties of the gypsum products.
Analysis of Quality of Speech after Customizing the Palatal Contours in Complete Denture Patients
Author : Sonia A. Aswale
Sheridan described speech as the use of systematized vocalization to express verbal symbols or words.(1) During denture fabrication, phonetics evaluation is frequently neglected while more emphasis is placed on other key elements such as esthetics, function and comfort. An empiric approach to the phonetic factor in denture construction frequently places the burden for compensating speech on adaptability of tongue.
Apical Third and it’s Significance
Author : Rasika Kashikar
Anatomy is the foundation of art and science of healing. Of all the phases of anatomic study in human system, one of the most complex is root canal system.(1)The root apex is of interest to endodontists because the stages of root development and the types of tissue present within the roots of teeth are significant to the practice of endodontics. Achievement of a perfect seal at the apex using an inert filling material is the ultimate goal of every endodontist.
Assessment of Knowledge Regarding Radiation Biology and Radiation Protection Protocols Among Dental Interns and Postgraduate Students
Author : Shravani Deolia
Radiation is emission and propagation of energy as electromagnetic waves which has potential to move subatomic particles, especially high energy particles that causes ionization (1,2). It is well known that ionizing radiation has biological damaging effects, either affecting the cell directly or indirectly via the production of free radicals. Both lead to DNA damage, including single or double-strand breaks, and or DNA protein cross-links. (3) X-ray is a kind of ionizing radiation that are used extensively in dentistry for diagnosis and therapeutic uses. (2) X-rays are considered to be useful but they have the potential to cause ill effects, genetic damage and cancer
Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice amongst the First year and Final year BDS students regarding biomedical waste management
Author : Sourav Sen
Waste is any substance which is discarded after primary use. (1) Hospital wastes which are generated from health care centres including infectious, contaminated and hazardous waste such as discarded sharps, blood, toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and radioactive substances. (1) Biomedical waste is defined as “any solid, fluid or liquid waste which is generated during diagnosis, treatment or immunisation of human being or in research activities and is contaminated with human fluids
Association Between Maternal Periodontitis and Low Term Birth Weight
Author : Dhalkari Chandulal
In the past decade, there has been mounting scientific evidence suggesting that periodontal disease may play an important role as a risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcomes. Maternal periodontal disease is emerging as a major risk factor for preterm delivery and low birth weight. Preterm birth, resulting in babies born too little and too soon, is a major cause of morbidity and childhood handicap. Data from recent studies have implicated periodontal infections as a potential independent risk factor for preterm low birth weight, but several risk factors for pregnancy outcomes, such as socioeconomic factors, smoking, diabetes and stress, have also been consistently associated with periodontitis.Periodontal research has emerged and evidences are published referring to the connection between periodontal infection and systemic diseases
Barrren Waste or Untapped Treasure : A Forensic Study
Author : Rajul Ranka
Excursions into nature can be serene for some and exhilarating for others, but for an unfortunate few these sojourns can be tragic. For some such journeys takes them into the unknown end in such unfathomably frightening circumstances that they become the stuff of legend. Such is the destiny that befell nine ill-fated skiing enthusiasts in the late 1950s. Sometimes, when such natural calamities occur and bodies get buried under the snow, the snow itself can act as preservative for the dead body. But, this preservation is not permanent and can be observed only for a particular period of time.
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